Our Healthy Environment Code of Conduct


At Alto Tiburon, we are committed to treating each of our pet patients and human clients with the utmost respect and kindness. It is our mission to create a warm, professional, and healing environment in which both animals and their human companions feel comfortable, valued, and well-cared for.

Should a member of our team encounter behavior that disrupts or jeopardizes that environment, it is within their purview to cease communications immediately and refer the offending party to the hospital manager.

It is against our hospital policy to tolerate any of the following:

1) Use of profanity
2) Shouting or yelling at our doctors and staff
3) Threatening a member of our team
4) Harassing other clients
5) Endangering the health of our patients

If you have any questions about this policy, don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.